Clear Nerf Rcon Cs-6

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Introduction: Clear Nerf Rcon Cs-6

Hello everyone i just got the the clear recon. I got it at Target for $20.00. Heres just an overview.



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    Hi and welcome!

    We're glad you want to share something with the community, but unfortunately this doesn't qualify as an Instructable.

    An Instructable shows others how to do or make something, and outlines the steps to show readers how to duplicate what you have done. Since this does not qualify as an Instructable, we are unable to publish it live.

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    I like my Sonic Series one better, clear green instead of just clear.

    yea i like mine like that to the green one looks cool

    How much would you sell this for?

    Dont have it anymore

    This websites is not called overviews it's called instructables................

    This is for comments not trolls.

    NIce, I have a clear deploy

    The clear series are awesome! If you want to paint it it's easy. I'm saying this becuase I tried to paint the Longstrike and on the yellow I tried to paint it gray, but the yellow still kind of showed up. So I like the clear guns!