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Introduction: Clear See Through LCD Screen

A few Days ago I Started thinking about LCD's I thought that if i remove the back part, The Backlight and the light spreading sheets, That I Would End up With a See through LCD, Because Once i saw an alarm clock with a see through screen, So I thought that It would Work For a Normal LCD.
So I Took apart my DVD Player(About 5 Years old, Does not play DVD's anymore, Note:Doing this Is Completely Undo-able) And Removed the Backlight and everything else attached to it, Until i got to the LCD, Then I Plugged it in and It Worked!
Later I Did it With an Old Laptop of mine(400MHZ 190MB of RAM, About 15 Years Old) And Was Pretty Impressed with the Results, I thought that I might Take Pictures But My Camera Is Really Bad, Its An IBM PC Camera, So Don't Expect HD Pictures or anything Close to that.
Well, be sure to Comment about it, And Tell me if you or someone you know has done this before.



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Could you put LEDs around the edge to brighten the screen? It seems kind of hard to see.

Wow, this is awesome!
(also, housepets? :3)

hehe your running puppy linux :P

Yeah it's the only live CD that runs fast on that laptop. :P

Puppy Linux is awesomely fast on almost everything :D

I was thinking, Maybe I (Or someone) Could take a few of these (But WAY Bigger) and put one on each side (including the top and bottom) of, let's say, a car. Then, behind it. Put a few cameras hooked up to the other side's monitor (and up to bottom) so that it would seem to be invisible. What do you think, (Your name here)?

Hello, Does anyone know if I can do this with a CRT monitor/display? More specifically a 21" Apple Studio Display?

crt images are done by an electron cannon firing electrons to the front of the sreen, if one electron hits a blue pixel, then you have a blue dot on your screen.all this has to happen in complete emptyness. the back of your crt's tube is completely blackened and for a good reason it is made to accelarate (or should i say continue accelerating) the electrons. electrons are sensitive to magnetic fields wich is why:
1 do not put a magnet near this tube
2 when you turn very very old tvs in another direction, the image disapears
why does the image disappear? well because the electrons are attracted to the earth's maggnetic field. to make it out of this magnetic field, you need to create another magnetic field, stronger than the earth's wich is why you have a big coil all around the screen part of your crt which is fired every time you turn on your crt.

so in response to your question no you cannot do this with a crt.

No. The design of CRT's make it impossible. CRT's and LCD's are very different.

nope. there would be a huge glass tube behind the screen and the risk of electric shock would be tremendous.