I had a broken tail light and no luck finding a good one at a junk yard. Decided to fix it by making a new lens. I ran across this and ran with it. http://www.6gc.net/howto/make_clear_tail_lights It's illegal to have clear lenses and also illegal to have colored tail light bulbs. Heres how I did it but with patience you could make it look good.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials Needed are: Office Lighting Covers I got a 2X4 piece at home depot. It's brittle so be careful. Something like this http://www.lowes.com/pd_227470-1390-DL2100_4294935637_?productId=1063037&Ntt=diffuser&Ntk=i_products&pl=1&currentURL=/pl_Lighting%2B_4294935637__s?Ntk=i_products$pageNumber=1$rpp=15$No=60$Ntt=diffuser$currentPage=5$totalPages=5

You are going to need glue some sort of liquid nails use clear glue I didn't....

Sand paper, Paint(rattle can), Red Glass Paint.

Tools: Dremel with diamond Cut tip. http://www.harborfreight.com/5-piece-diamond-mini-cutting-discs-31501.html

Soldering Iron.

Here in the UK, that would be an MOT failure (our version of the US &quot;Safety check&quot;), the light distribution is set at a certain way as to direct the light into the right direction, for safety reasons... :(<br> <br> Nice work though, regardless of governmental safety nonsense... :)
clever fix, looks passable at a glance. some silicone would seal it up nice.<br />

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