Step 4: Finally.

I put a gloss coat over the entire thing at the end and I think it made it look a lot nicer. put everything back together and see how it looks. mine looks a little cheesy but works well and looks better than having tape or just a broke open turn signal but if you take your time this could look nice. It doesn't really bend so if your tail lights have a lot of curves not sure how well this will work. Here it is basically finished i didn't have it screwed in so it looks a little buldgy in this picture.
Here in the UK, that would be an MOT failure (our version of the US &quot;Safety check&quot;), the light distribution is set at a certain way as to direct the light into the right direction, for safety reasons... :(<br> <br> Nice work though, regardless of governmental safety nonsense... :)
clever fix, looks passable at a glance. some silicone would seal it up nice.<br />

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