Picture of Clear Tape Wallet
Because you could use a clear wallet, you know you could. I'm slightly obsessed with transparent things like bags, purses and shoes. Why wouldn't I want a clear wallet? OK, follow the step below and you can have a clear wallet as well.
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Step 1: Get your materials

Picture of Get your materials
The things you will need:
- One roll of clear packaging tape ( the thick kind)
- One pair of scissors
- a straight blade razor ( or x-acto knife)
I forgot to put the blade in the shot but you'll see it later

Step 2: Get the size right

Picture of Get the size right
Layout two pieces of tape sticky side up so they are twice as long as a credit card ( with a little bit more for good measure). Overlap the two pieces so they are also as wide as a credit card. Make sure you have the sticky side up, I know what your thinking, just go on to the next step.

Step 3: Making it unsticky

Picture of Making it unsticky
Place a piece of tape sticky side down on top of the sticky side up tape. So you should have the sticky side toward each other. This is going to be the inside of the wallet. I actually used two pieces of tape for the inside because one piece wasn't quite wide enough.

Now the only part of your clear fabric, If you will, that should be sticky is the longer ends of the inside and the every edges of the outside.

Step 4: Get rid of those cat faces

Picture of Get rid of those cat faces
If you find that you have what we call "cat faces" use your straight blade (x-acto) to carefully cut along the face. This will release the tape from either side of your cat face so you can push it down. If you have air bubbles you can do this also, but you won't need to cut as much as you will need to poke a hole.

I know the photos are blurry but I couldn't get the camera to focus on the right thing. Yeah, I really wanted that apple gift card to be the focus of my shot.

Also, I don't know why we acll them cat faces, it's just family thing
emperos4 years ago
did this one on my own. didn't think of using the exacto knife for doing that... but good work. how did you keep it so fingerprint-free? I was having issues with that. I'll post pics of mine later... good job, overall. A really, really tough project to do well and make it look good. I think most of my issues came with putting the tape on perfectly the first time, because if one doesn't it leaves some nasty adhesive marks on the other tape.
Syd0the0kid (author)  emperos4 years ago
To keep the finger prints off, I was careful to touch only the edges of the tape. This tut wasn't my first go at the wallet. My first version had all kinds of air bubbles and misaligned taped edges. Go slow and if you do mess it up, just give that one away to someone and make yourself another one. BTW, I still have this tape wallet in my purse and it looks almost just as new now as it does in these pictures 3 Years Later. A testament to good quality tape.
nice. I guess that I should have done that. I didn't have enough tape to make another though... and mine is a bit more worn after much less time. maybe it's because I put it in my pocket instead of a purse.
hahahahhahahahah slightly obsessed with transparent things hahahha man ima use dat as an excuse hahah omg man btw nice though
zac d6 years ago
its all right i had troubles figuaring it out
zac d6 years ago
Im gonna go try this right now if I have clear tape hehehehehhahahahahohohohohohohhiiihihihihihihihihihihihihih
Very cool, I'd like to try that :)
karen6088 years ago
How about if a person would use plastic, like the leftover laminating plastic from something you got laminated at copy store? or use two laminating sheets instead of tape (or too brittle). Just ideas - you try, i'm busy but i like this clear wallet very much as it uses things we have on hand in a creative way, and it is clear! (clearly good! ha ha)
Syd0the0kid (author)  karen6088 years ago
I didn't think of that but it I'm sure that kinda material would work well. I would test it out if I had some laminate sheets but I just have the tape used here. I'll try it though if I get some of that stuff.