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Introduction: Clear USB Drive

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After the my cover broke off my Cruzer 512 MB USB drive, I decided to fashion my own case. I saw several ideas floating around on the internet such as cases made of Lego, pez dispensers, and and even a Barbie doll. I cast the USB stick in clear casting resin used to make paperweights out of scorpions or flowers. I picked it up at my local Hobby Store for about $15. It comes it two parts: the resin and the catalyst. If you're making a cast, test it out on some scrap bits and pieces to make sure your ratios are correct.
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Step 1: The Specimen

Very Stylish Duct tape case

Step 2: Open Case

Crck open / otherwise dismantle the case

Step 3: Molding Rig

This is a molding rig created with scrap pine wood and clamps. The pine was covered with clear packaging tape to prevent the resin from sticking to the wood.

Step 4: Resin

I obtained resin from my local hobby shop.

Step 5: Pour the Resin

The long part. The casting was done is several parts. Everything was done in about two days time.

Step 6: Done!

USB Stick in see-through glory.

Step 7: Lanyard

I drilled a small hole to fit the rope back on so I could still hang it on the lanyard that I got with it. A small bit of J-B Weld attached the rope back to the clip.

Step 8: Admire Your Work

This picture was taken after about a month of use. I don't think I got the ratio of catalyst to resin quite right. This caused the top surface to become mottled. Otherwise, there have been no problems as a result of the casting.

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    how long did it take for your resin to harden in such a big block?

    Thats really cool. I have a 4GB cruzer. But I do not want to take it apart yet i just got it for christmas today.

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    I just now did this with my 2 GB cruzer but I used epoxy in the the double syringe that you have to mix from the auto shop. It cured fully in an hour but with a yellow tint in some parts but t still kinda like it, but I was a bit too hasty so its not as smooth as I'd like and it has a bunch of tiny bubbles making the entire thing glow like kryptonite it looks kool though. I will try again with another one of my flashies with the stuff this guy used.

    Did you say my name?


    Awesome, thanks! I plan to use this, but with something underneath the clear resin to make the circuitry covered.

    it's a pretty cool but i think its not applicable all the time...

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    I just got another idea. What if you put it into a 9V battery? I did it, and it'll be my first instructable!


    my dad made me remove the instructable. He thought someont might get hurt shelling out the battery.

    tell him your instructable might save a life becuase what if some clumsy person sees your instructable and does that instead of something like tetranites fire cannon.

    ha ha ha ha ha. LOL. good one!

    I've taken apart a nine volt before, no danger just 6 mini batteries inside. How could someone get hurt???

     I know!

    thats just a usb behind a 9v battery you can tell by the angle

    if you mean my idea, then i suppose you're right. but, i had an old 16MEG flash drive without a case, and i wanted an original idea. it looks pretty cool, a little clunky, but hey, it scares the computer teacher whenever i use it.

    I did and it kinda pice of ice

    What was your idea?

    this instructable back up????