Clear a Trail of Ants in Seconds...





Introduction: Clear a Trail of Ants in Seconds...

Clear a trail of ants in seconds with this harmless technique.

Step 1: Ants Be Gone...

Just blow some incense smoke (sandlewood works well) along the trail. You will never see ants move so fast. When they are gone plug up the hole and remove the food source.

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    Thanks for the tip.

    im sorry, but a can of raid and a washcloth has never failed me yet. but i guess this is good if ya hate the small of ant spray and dont wanna hurt the ants.... still i think chemical warfare is better than starving them to death.

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    Personally I don't like spending all the time to clean up dead ants that leave so willingly with this trick. Not to mention the possible harm you are probably doing to yourself or family by breathing those toxic chemicals. This way is no mess and no smell unless you prefer the stench of Raid to incense.

    ive breathed a lot of raid in my day, i aint dead yet lol i jujst think raid is faster and i dont always clean it up, if its outside

    Just use something like Taro. The ants take it back to the nest and feed it to the Queen. Kills the entire colony. But the only problem with Taro is that you have to let them get at it for about an hour. But I just wipe a finger across their path and put the Taro over where I wiped. They find the stuff pretty quick that way.

    Hmm, I'll have to take some of my Cedarwood essential oil with me when I next go camping, last time I went I has a crapload of ants all over the outside of my tent (thank goodness for the insect screens!!!), thought they did prefer the marshallow I left them a few feet away from the tent, horrid little critters!!! I once got bit by a red and in the neck, stung like crazy for hours!!! :S

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    Make sure it is incense (sandlewood scent). I'm not sure the oil will do anything.


    great idea..but what if you dont know where the nest is? these buggers come up to the second floor windows! Doesnt just borax work? do you have to put jelly in it? how about plain sugar?

    awesome! Never thought of that! If only I could find the hole.......

    brilliant! It worked. A tube of Alex caulk worked to plug their nest.

    thanks, this works well and doesnt harm paint on the walls