Clearing Replicator 2 Nozzle--PLA





Introduction: Clearing Replicator 2 Nozzle--PLA

My Replicator 2 worked great for about 60 hours, then the extruded stream got finer and finer--then it would quit mid build.  Then it wouldn't lay a decent raft.

I cleaned the gear, adjusted the plunger, changed filament, releveled the platform.  Nothing worked.

The filament would just "drool" on the nozzle.  If I put more pressure, I would get the "click click" sound. 

Here's what I found.  Enter the "load filament" mode.  Cut off the "string" that comes out and measure it.  If it's less than .4mm in diameter, there's probably some sort of obstruction in the nozzle.

Get some #30 magnet wire (Radio Shack has it--about .26mm diameter).  Cut off a three inch long piece.  Go to the menu and "preheat" the extruder.  Using pliers, insert the wire into the heated nozzle and pull it out.  You may need to do this three or four times (new piece of wire each time).

Enter "load filament."  The stream should be solid, not curling and drooling.  It should measure .4mm or a little more.

Now, it's building just like new!



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    I don't have a machine , but awesome TIP ...i am sure it will help many out there.

    Thanks! Hopefully, it will save somebody a few hours of frustration.

    hey MikeTheMaker, awesome tip! is it possible to also use normal copper wire instead of magnet wire??

    Thanks! Normal copper wire should work great--magnet wire was the only small wire I had on hand . .