Clever Wallet





Introduction: Clever Wallet

This wallet practically 'swallows' money. How to made magic wallet fast and easy. You need only cardboard glue and elastic band. A very nice magic trick for kids.



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    nice o can you check my wallet out and write a comment forme

    nice want to try it soon!

    please look at my acc for a tut

    did u use krazy glue? and how long are the elastics? i want to try this soon.

    i really dig that catchy music. i like how you show it all, and don't talk. (not bein sarcastic) so that those out there without sound on their comp can watch this video. excellent video!

    wat kind of glue did u use?

    cool! i used duct tape to cover mine so its kinda like a duct tape wallet and i used rubber bands instead of elastic which worked great. nice video!

    Your plan is pretty cool but how long is the elastic band andhow big is the cardboard??

    I just made one plus an id card holder, sweet video

    just a couple of questions 1) How long is the elastic? 2) What did you size the cardboard to? 3) What did you put on the outside

    what kind of string did you use

    dude that is flippin awesome

    Cool! That is the simplest how-to to make one of those that I have ever seen! Thanks!


    sick! i'm gonna make 1!