Click N' Dig Remote By Brandon Wells

Step 1: Step 1

Buy the GE® Big Button Blue LED Backlit Remote Control like the one in the picture below. You can buy these at RadioShack for $14.99. 
This makes no sense at all. Why don't you try writing an introductory paragraph at the beginning, to explain what your project is, and why anyone would want to read it. <br> <br>Each one of your steps has pictures from a different kind of remote control, and you don't have anything to explain why, or whether the instructions apply the same way to different remotes, or what is going on. <br> <br>You also have a picture of an AdaFruit LilyPad (soft circuit template) which doesn't seem to have any connection at all to what you are &quot;describing&quot;. <br> <br>Finally, modifying a commercial product and reselling it is generally considered illegal, with civil penalties which can be imposed either by the government, or via a lawsuit by the company being infringed.
Umm... what?
Wait, what are you making?
uh? what?

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