Picture of Clicker for training pets
While shopping online for something else, I saw
where a lot of people were looking for some type
of clicker device to train birds, dogs, rabbits and
other pets. It seems most want a clicker which
costs as near nothing as possible. This might be
it if the sound works for their pet.

Step 1: Three parts, plus glue, is what you need.

Picture of Three parts, plus glue, is what you need.
You will need a length of cord  long enough to span your
hand three times. Once across, once back and once more
for the "tail".  A flat lace from a sports shoe works good for
this, and the lace tips keep everything neat. I didn't have
it on hand for making this one.  The clothes pin or laundry
pin you choose should have a smooth body with no grooves
near the end that you pinch. This will save wear on your
fingers later. The small black item is a spring loaded string
keeper from a  jacket or hoodie. They are available at
sewing supply places. Those are the three parts....now
add glue.
natebman1 year ago

Just a little confused here. Does it make the noise when you press the clothes pin and let it snap back?

Joe Citizen (author)  natebman1 year ago

It is intended to. The noise is not harsh and may not even be

enough for some needs. I sanded the tip that goes under my

thumb so it was smooth enough to slip off easily and give a

distinct, although not thunderous, click. Suppose you could

alter the sound my attaching a couple of metal thumbtacks

or hard plastic squares. Hope this answers your question,