Introduction: Cliff Top House 2.0

Picture of Cliff Top House 2.0

After the success of cliff Top House #1 I thought that it would be good to do version 2.0!!

Step 1: Base

Picture of Base

Step 2: Floor and Walls

Picture of Floor and Walls

Step 3: Walls and Windows

Picture of Walls and Windows

Step 4: Fences and Glass

Picture of Fences and Glass

Step 5: Upper Level (and More Glass!)

Picture of Upper Level (and More Glass!)

Step 6: Roof

Picture of Roof

Step 7: Add a Porch (optional)

Picture of Add a Porch (optional)

Step 8: Knock Through

Picture of Knock Through

Step 9: Balcony

Picture of Balcony

Step 10: Ladders

Picture of Ladders

Step 11: Done!!!!!!!

Picture of Done!!!!!!!

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Austydude (author)2014-10-07

Woah Is the house floating!
It if we're real life it would collapse without supports!

Pyronx (author)2014-02-10

He means adding supports to make it look better.

CraftinGenious (author)2014-02-06

This is minecraft dude we don't need no supports we deify the laws of gravity full stop.

tsttechgeek (author)2014-02-06

This looks pretty good but what if you made supports coming out of the cliff to connect to the bottom of the house?

CraftinGenious (author)2014-02-06

C'mon guys 20 followers!!!! Lets smash it!!!!

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