Cliff Top House 2.0


Introduction: Cliff Top House 2.0

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After the success of cliff Top House #1 I thought that it would be good to do version 2.0!!

Step 1: Base

Step 2: Floor and Walls

Step 3: Walls and Windows

Step 4: Fences and Glass

Step 5: Upper Level (and More Glass!)

Step 6: Roof

Step 7: Add a Porch (optional)

Step 8: Knock Through

Step 9: Balcony

Step 10: Ladders

Step 11: Done!!!!!!!

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    5 Discussions

    Woah Is the house floating!
    It if we're real life it would collapse without supports!


    4 years ago

    He means adding supports to make it look better.

    This is minecraft dude we don't need no supports we deify the laws of gravity full stop.

    This looks pretty good but what if you made supports coming out of the cliff to connect to the bottom of the house?

    C'mon guys 20 followers!!!! Lets smash it!!!!