Picture of Climbing Cardboard Gorilla
This is a cardboard version of a traditional wooden toy, with a small modification to give it swinging legs, "just because".

Step 1: Materials and tools.

Picture of Materials and tools.
You will need a number of easily-obtained materials.

  • Corrugated card - enough to draw three copies of the template - maybe one and a half sheets of A4?
  • plain paper for templates.
  • Glue - I used PVA craft glue, but anything that sticks card will do the job.
  • String - three or four metres of slightly-rough string. Not the hairy stuff, but slightly rough.
  • A drinking straw.
  • A cocktail stick or bamboo barbecue skewer.


  • Cutting tools - scissors, craft knife etc. If your card is thick, you will need a large sharp knife like a Stanley knife (I believe Americans call them box-cutters?)
  • A drill - it is far easier to drill through several layers of corrugated card than it is to poke a hole.
  • A piercing tool - something to make a small hole in the card, such as a sharp pencil, a nail etc.
  • Printer or drawing tools.
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Kiteman (author) 4 years ago

Climbing gorilla merchandise is now available!
great one. i made one too and my small 8 yeared cousin plays almost the whole day with it.thankssssssssssssssssss!
Kiteman (author)  argha halder2 years ago
PattrenKate3 years ago
Thanks Kiteman! I was inspired by your instructable to make a simplified 'Migrating Monarch' toy for a 250+-kids-in-3-hours craft activity. Printed the monarchs that kids colored on stiff cardstock, had them tape the short lengths of straw to the back, used household twine, and a 3-inch length of straw for the top cross bar. They tied knots at the ends of the string, and voilá! Not all of them worked, given the angles and lengths of some of the short straws, but some did and the kids (and grown-ups) loved them!
Kiteman (author)  PattrenKate3 years ago
That's brilliant!

Have you got photos? Or an Instructable?
Derin5 years ago
um...can you put the skewer somewhere else?it might be a lil disturbing...
freeza36 Derin3 years ago
wow perverted a bit?
Kiteman (author)  Derin5 years ago
You, sir, have a mucky mind - that's his navel!
famo99 Kiteman4 years ago
unrelated story time! i used to think that a navel was behind your nose, but now i am wiser and more like Gandalf, so i know better
The Jamalam6 years ago
Kiteman typo'd!

Close-up of middle-layer. Notice the hole pierced ijn the legs.
Kiteman (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
I djon't kjnow wjhat yjou mjean!
Wjait, njor djo Ij. Ij thjink thjat Ij cjan't rjead.
Alex Dee5 years ago
the video was very funny I'm amused hehehehe
ODDJOBS6 years ago
Excellent. My five year old is most amused. He's now on his second. Well Done.
Kiteman (author)  ODDJOBS6 years ago
That's great - how about posting a picture of his work?
I used to have a wooden one of these things in the shape of Humpty Dumpty stuck to the side of my pantry in my kitchen.. Havent seen him since we had the room re-fitted, but i remember him so well from when I was a child! The top beam cant have hung more than 5' off the ground, but I remember thinking how high he got and having to crane my neck to watch him climb to the top! And then the fun little jerky slide back down to the bottom.. Aaaaahhh.. Childhood :D - and i'm only 16 now!
Kiteman (author)  davethescubarock6 years ago
LOL - the simple toys seem to have the greatest impact, don't they?
Well, this is just sickening. Look at all these people worshiping you Kiteman. I mean just look around ........... oops I seem to be standing on the wrong side of the line. Oh dear, I guess it's official - I am also one of the worshipers! Maybe we can form a groupie club and hound you whenever you are online! Drive you crazy by jumping out from behind websites and taking unauthorised screen shots.
Absolutely brilliant Instructable BTW. KarrooWife is seriously ticked off with you 'cause I laughed so hard at myself while practising your self mutilation instructablehttp://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-entertain-small-children-via-the-medium-of-/# in the mirror that I woke the baby!
Kiteman (author)  Karroo Oakey6 years ago
LOL, thank you for the positivity.

After I posted that video on YouTube, I discovered that there are hundreds just like it...
swimmer956 years ago
what did you use to cut the cardboard
Kiteman (author)  swimmer956 years ago
A strong craft knife, because scissors squished the corrugations. If I had one, I may have used a coping saw or scroll saw.
Bartboy6 years ago
Someone should make a machine to pull the strings for you! Then you could leave it running non-stop!
Kiteman (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
I don't need a machine, I have sons - this is currently hanging in the hall of my home, and the boys have been using it non-stop for two days.
To tell you the truth it creeps me out! But, then again, most things do that to me :|
Bam956 years ago
Very good !!! nice job best wishes for the contest
BraisedDuck6 years ago
how does it work?
the string that goes through the hands is at a 45 degree angle where it passes through. when you pull the string you force the string straight, and then the gorilla is forced into a 45 degree angle, which lifts the other side of the gorilla a bit higher. when you pull the second string the same thing happens and the first side goes up, etc. by the way, great 'ible
jet h6 years ago
Hi thanks for sharring I love it. Awesome and will make one!
netsi19646 years ago
I followed your instructions - thanks, now my daughter has another funny thing to play with. I have added an image of her looking at my Gorilla.
Kiteman (author)  netsi19646 years ago
That is excellent!
Creativeman6 years ago
This is cool Kiteman, good instructable. Cman
mike1536 years ago
love the music to the video :)
This is cool. I've never seen these before.
Kiteman (author)  LuminousObject6 years ago
Really? They've been around for ages.
Well, I haven't been around for ages. Only 14 years actually. But I'm definitely going to make one.
I saw some thing like this in the tv show "zoom" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZOOM

but they made different animals not just gorillas, and the episode aired in like 2000, i made one right after i saw it
Zoom is so.... bizarre. You can't help but wonder what age of audience they try to appeal to...
they try to get younger kids but it looks like only pedophiles really watch it
That is some creepy music kiteman, this would keep my sntertained for hours.
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