Climbing Dumars How to Climb REALLY HIGH Chainlink Fence





Introduction: Climbing Dumars How to Climb REALLY HIGH Chainlink Fence

I found this idea in a book "boy soldier" and thought id spread the love. this is an instructable for a climbing dumar, sorry no pics coz im an idiot and cant work oot how to insert one. :l

Step 1: The Dumar

1. i dont think this is a good explenation but,... ya know. Well, a dumar is a block of wood, roughly a little larget than your hand. this piece of wood hs a thick looong nail going through the top and then bent into a hook shape, this grabs the fence while you hold on to the block 'o' wood.

2. a rope is attached though a hole in the bottom of the dumar, this rope has to be a loop that reaches down to your foot and then back up again.

3. thats it, to climb a fence you need two, one for you right hand and foot and another for your left limbs.
then to climb a chainlink fence you need to put one foot in eackh rope sling and then lift up one dumar (with your foot still in the loop) and hook it to a fence. then (using your foot and hand still attached to the fence) pull your other hand above the hand on the fence and put your foot in, repeat till you get to the top. (sorry its real hard to explain without pictures, :[ sounds complicated but is quite simple



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    This i soooo fun to use!! I have already made loads and used them alot! U can also use them on other things like walls and trees u no! Thanks...and boy soldier is the best book ever!

    whats a dumar? climbing a chainlink fence is easy idk what your talking about but just hold in the holes with your hands and just put your feet on the fence it has traction so your feet wont slip i can climb as high of a fence you want me to with just shoes on. idk what your needing a rope for.

    hi, im just saying, what if the holes in the fence arn't big enough for you to put your feet into, what would u do then?

    Is this named after that guy, Alexander Dumars, the guy who wrote the Three Musketeers?

    Hi, What you are describing is a "Jumar." Your spelling is probably do the the pronounciation sounding a D rather than the J. Climbing a chain-link fence can e quite easy depending on which side you are attempting. If you examine the next one you happen by, look at both sides. You'll notice that what is typically the inside has a diagonal ridge formed by the wire weaving process. If you place the sides of your feet there rather than putting your toe "through" the diamond hole in the weave, you can literally go over an 18ft fence in about 5 seconds. Jumars are more of use when you need to ascend a long rope. A climbing rope is much thinner than the ropes found in gymnasiums and playgrounds. An example of a jumar technique can be see in the James Bond movie, "For Your Eyes Only," when James Bond climbs to the monastery. This example shows him make-shifting his shoe laces to climb rope.

    thats not a d(j)umar, thats a prussic hitch. thats different.

    For some reason all I can think of is Steve McQueen pulling himself off the barbed wire fence as the Nazis round him up in "The Great Escape." How do you get away from the Nazis after you've scaled the fence? Joe

    now, when we get to the top... then what? also, what's the easiest way to get around razor-wire?

    Several Jute fiber doormats sewn end to end with clothesline. Use the thicker ones if many people need to make the climb.