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         I love to rock climb and recognized how big a role forearm and grip strength come into play. I use a typical grip trainer but thought I could build a forearm trainer on my own for very cheap. Now the simplest way to do this would be to find a piece of wood, stick, dowel, timber etc. And drill a hole into it through the stick in the middle, tie a rope to it and then to a rock. But I wanted something strong and light, and that looked decent. 
         Now I decided to do this after-the-fact I made this trainer. So the pics aren't that detailed and step-by-step, but it's really simple and I trust you can do this rather easily. So, now...what you'll need:

1- 12" piece of PVC 2" in diameter
1- worm gear stainless steel pipe clamp to fit around PVC
1- length of rope about 4'
1- swivel clip

Step 1: Connecting Rope to PVC

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Pretty simple, just slide pipe clamp onto PVC near as center as possible. Then feed one end of the rope between PVC and clamp. And tighten clamp with a screwdriver or hex key. Don't go crazy so you don't cut into the rope and damage it. Now I like to burn the ends of synthetic rope to prevent fraying and also it makes the end a little bigger so it can't slip knots easily.

Step 2: Attaching Swivel Clip

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At the free end of the rope tie a bowline knot through the closed end of the swivel clip. And clip the swivel clip onto the rope a few inches from the knot.

Step 3: Done! Attach Any Weight You'd Like!

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Now you can attach any weight you'd like to begin training. Milk jug, cinder block backpack, etc. You can clip the weight directly to the swivel clip or use like I have to create a slip know effect. I made a little film of how you use it. Thanks! And may your forearms grow crush boulders!


chalzstar (author)2013-06-23

Great idea, I'm gonna make a similar but they sell the official Golds Gym one at Walmart for 16 dollars

audreyobscura (author)2013-03-04

Hey there, I think you should reconsider your main image. Your first image in your instructable should reflect your completed project. Having a receipt as your main image may deter people from clicking on your project.

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