Picture of Climbing Hold Mugs.
My friend Likes rock climbing and he recently took me along with him, as i was climbing the wall i was looking at the climbing holds and thought to myself that i really wanted to do something with them.

So when i got home i ordered a set of small holds and started to think what to do with them.

I came up with the idea of making a set of mugs with climbing holds as the handles.
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Step 1: Tools and materials.


- Hammer
- Chisel (it doesn't have to be rusty like mine.) 
- sander (i had a belt sander, i think that's best)
- An angle grinder would probably work well too (i don't have one.)
- Files and sand paper.


- Mugs
- Climbing holds (small)
- epoxy resin.
- screws or hex bolts

Step 2: Removing the handles.

Take a wide chisel (wider than the handle of the mug) and placed it at the top of the handle and struck it with a hammer.
Hit it forcefully but not too hard.

The handle will either break off nearly all the way to the bottom or somewhere in the middle of the handle.

Then turn the mug over and strike the handle with the chisel again to remove the bottom section of the handle. 

You may get some little bits left sticking out. You can try and remove it with the chisel until they are smaller.

Then get out your belt sander or angle grinder and remove the last little bits of the handle.
Be careful not to sand the glaze off the mug.
nnacey12 months ago

I actually make these: check them out at

nnacey12 months ago

I actually make these a different way and they are on my website:

I attempted to break off the handle to the mug twice and both handles ripped out a portion of the cup where it was attached making it unusable. I tried two mug types the first being more expensive then next trying cheaper in hopes that the handle would break easier!!! NO luck... any suggestions? I think this is a great project and am trying to make it as a gift for a friend but cant seem to get past step one!

backwards lamb (author)  kaydenleigh1 year ago

well, i did have one or two accidents of breaking the whole mug.

how are you breaking it? i hit it with a sharp chisel at the top. you have to be quite firm with the hit but not too hard.

if you gave access to an angle grinder maybe you could use that? other than that i cant think of any other ways to do it, sorry.

yes good
looner801 year ago
Where did you find the set of holds, I'm looking for something small and cheap like those.
backwards lamb (author)  looner801 year ago
I found them on eBay. I just searched for climbing holds. There were loads of options.

Hope that helps.
ZaneEricB1 year ago
Very nice Idea!

Why not make your own grips?
backwards lamb (author)  ZaneEricB1 year ago
Because for me it was so much easier to do it this way.
Eh Lie Us!1 year ago
man, i'm not much of a crafter but this is a great gift project for anyone that climbs.
crashman771 year ago
Would there be a problem when washing the ceramic health wise?
backwards lamb (author)  crashman771 year ago
In what way? Most mugs are ceramic. The grips are a polymer substance. And the inside of the mug have not been touched so is exactly the same as it was when it was new.
iromanova1 year ago
This is a great project! Thanks a lot for the cool gift idea :)
ethertree1 year ago
Be careful too when sanding ceramic - I don't think it will matter if you only do it once or twice (someone please correct me if I am wrong), but breathing in the dust consistently can lead to health hazards.
backwards lamb (author)  ethertree1 year ago
oh yes i know, that's why i wear a mask when ever i do something that would produce any dust at all.
Pattymouth1 year ago
As I looked through the first few photos, I was horrified that you used the screws to attach the handles. And that is why I should have listened to the teachers when they said to read the instructions first. Good job on a cool project!
backwards lamb (author)  Pattymouth1 year ago
Well that's what I was going for. I wanted them to look screwed on :D
manfredpw1 year ago
manfredpw1 year ago
nwlaurie1 year ago
... and then there's always Sugru!
(which was what I first thought these holds were made of)
backwards lamb (author)  nwlaurie1 year ago
What would you use the sugru for?
wombat71 year ago
where did you purchase the climbing holds?
backwards lamb (author)  wombat71 year ago
I got them on eBay. There are loads of different types on there.
MarkML1 year ago
Clever, out of the box idea.
Its a great great idea. I think it can be a great gift for rock climbers and hikers :)
gjchandler1 year ago
Wonderful idea! I Might have to give this a try!
SWV17871 year ago
but now how do you hang your mugs???
Now you will have to make a mug climbing harness to hang them on your mug tree
backwards lamb (author)  SWV17871 year ago
:) we don't hang our mugs we just keep them in the cupboard.
That is an awesome idea! I know a few people who would get a kick out of these :)
Kiteman1 year ago
Cool - I rarely use the handle of a mug anyway.