My friend Likes rock climbing and he recently took me along with him, as i was climbing the wall i was looking at the climbing holds and thought to myself that i really wanted to do something with them.

So when i got home i ordered a set of small holds and started to think what to do with them.

I came up with the idea of making a set of mugs with climbing holds as the handles.

Step 1: Tools and Materials.


- Hammer
- Chisel (it doesn't have to be rusty like mine.) 
- sander (i had a belt sander, i think that's best)
- An angle grinder would probably work well too (i don't have one.)
- Files and sand paper.


- Mugs
- Climbing holds (small)
- epoxy resin.
- screws or hex bolts

<p>Cute, Greetings from Bogota-Colombia!</p>
<p>Is the climbing mug dishwasher safe?</p>
<p>I couldn't tell you I'm afraid as neither I nor the gift recipient have a dishwasher. </p><p>I would hazard a guess at no they are not dishwasher safe</p>
I made my own one! I used a wooden handle-less cup because I failed to remove handle of a china cup properly. A wooden one is also preferable to use in point of its weight.<br>The hold was too hard to be shaped by hands to match with the curve of the cup, and needed me to buy a small hand router.<br>I'd rather recommend you to find a cup with some flat faces if you don't have any kind of sanding tools.<br><br><br>
<p>AWESOME!! they look great, wooden mugs isnt a thing i had considered. the square or flat sides bit i did think of but i dont like drinking out of mugs that are square but it is an option if you dont mind the squareness of it all :) </p>
Great idea and great gifts for climbers! However, I would definitely make it before buying it from a shop. I bought one from Climber Goods and after a few months the handle fell off which resulted in the mug shattering. I even washed it correctly and barely used it, but it still broke.They did not offer a replacement or a refund. They told me I should buy my own mug and try to attach the handle to it. I'm now out over $40 for a shattered mug and a lonely handle. :/
<p>www.climbergoods.com has them also</p>
Yup we know. Like you have said all the other times you have spammed the comments. I like your work it's really good. Thank you for sharing but could you stop commenting the same thing you commented 10months ago.
<p>What brand of epoxy resin did you use? And did you have problems with the holds falling after using the mugs for a certain period? I'll be working on these soon. Thanks! Awesome idea. </p>
<p>I actually make these: check them out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClimberShop</p>
<p>I actually make these a different way and they are on my website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClimberShop</p>
<p>I attempted to break off the handle to the mug twice and both handles ripped out a portion of the cup where it was attached making it unusable. I tried two mug types the first being more expensive then next trying cheaper in hopes that the handle would break easier!!! NO luck... any suggestions? I think this is a great project and am trying to make it as a gift for a friend but cant seem to get past step one!</p>
<p>well, i did have one or two accidents of breaking the whole mug. </p><p>how are you breaking it? i hit it with a sharp chisel at the top. you have to be quite firm with the hit but not too hard.</p><p>if you gave access to an angle grinder maybe you could use that? other than that i cant think of any other ways to do it, sorry. </p>
yes good
Where did you find the set of holds, I'm looking for something small and cheap like those.
I found them on eBay. I just searched for climbing holds. There were loads of options. <br><br>Hope that helps.
Very nice Idea! <br> <br>Why not make your own grips?
Because for me it was so much easier to do it this way.
man, i'm not much of a crafter but this is a great gift project for anyone that climbs.
Would there be a problem when washing the ceramic health wise?
In what way? Most mugs are ceramic. The grips are a polymer substance. And the inside of the mug have not been touched so is exactly the same as it was when it was new.
This is a great project! Thanks a lot for the cool gift idea :)
Be careful too when sanding ceramic - I don't think it will matter if you only do it once or twice (someone please correct me if I am wrong), but breathing in the dust consistently can lead to health hazards.
oh yes i know, that's why i wear a mask when ever i do something that would produce any dust at all.
As I looked through the first few photos, I was horrified that you used the screws to attach the handles. And that is why I should have listened to the teachers when they said to read the instructions first. Good job on a cool project!
Well that's what I was going for. I wanted them to look screwed on :D
... and then there's always Sugru! <br>(which was what I first thought these holds were made of)
What would you use the sugru for?
where did you purchase the climbing holds?
I got them on eBay. There are loads of different types on there.
Clever, out of the box idea.
Its a great great idea. I think it can be a great gift for rock climbers and hikers :)
Wonderful idea! I Might have to give this a try!
but now how do you hang your mugs???
Now you will have to make a mug climbing harness to hang them on your mug tree
:) we don't hang our mugs we just keep them in the cupboard.
That is an awesome idea! I know a few people who would get a kick out of these :)
Cool - I rarely use the handle of a mug anyway.

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