Introduction: Cling Film + Clothes Hanger Greenhouse

Picture of Cling Film + Clothes Hanger Greenhouse

This is how I created a Clothes hanger & Cling Film Green house

- Clothes hangers
- Cling Film
- Clear Sticky Tape
- Duck Tape

I made this a few years back so I don't have a picture of all the steps, But I'm including a picture made in Sketch Up with Clothes Hanger frames.

Step 1: Model for Clothes Hangers

Picture of Model for Clothes Hangers

I used Duck tape to keep frame together.

Step 2: Wrap Cling Film

Picture of Wrap Cling Film

You might need help for this step as the frame at this point might be a bit wobbly. But you are trying to stretch and go around the frame.

A few months after making this one I really regret not using something similar to a Seed tray to Aerate the green house as moist cause an increase of green aphids.

Step 3: Clear Tape

Picture of Clear Tape

Wrap Clear tape to the joints, Don't worry if you don't get it right 1st time just make sure you don't try to yank the tape.

Step 4:


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