Picture of Clip On 3D Glasses, Green Solution For Nearsighted 3D Movie Enthuseists
If you wear perscription glasses and enjoy 3D film, you've been there. The choice: just wear the 3D glasses and give up details in the movie, or wear both and suffer through the awkward look and feel of stacked glasses.
No more! Here is the fifteen minute and virtually (pun unfortunetly intended) free solution. Low skill level required.
Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Step 1: Remove Ear Rests

Picture of Remove Ear Rests
The ear rests on your standard 3D glasses pop off pretty easily. Flex slowly away from the glasses, once you get past about 160 degrees they should come off. If this prosess separates part of the front housing from the 3D glasses, gentle pressure will click it back in.
Save the ear rests! They will become the rest of the parts you need for this project.
mole12 years ago
Brilliant! I've only tried one 3D viewing and found the glasses almost impossible.