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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Clips and glue
HEISENBERG_PN made it!8 months ago

Low cost ... I made it and i used a "Dremel" to have better circle in the center and I sanded and varnished for SWAGIE result ! :p

dontno7 years ago
Made a few for the "War Office" last week. She was very pleased with them. Peace has been restored in the household, and I have regained full kitchen privileges. Thanks for the great Ible.
maruawe7 years ago
If you want to dandy it up, You could scan the finished piece. Then Photoshop/GIMP an image and paste it on the clip star..and use a small sharp knife to cut the outline will do one and put it in the comments tomorrow.....
pingeee7 years ago
Agree, nice for x'ms deco
Agreed, very pointless, but nice design.
iKill7 years ago
EXTREMELY pointless but one of the most creative ideas ive seen with cloths pins Good Job