For my job, I use quite a few devices to check for moisture. So waking into a customers house my hands are always full. One of my tools that I use looks like a short cane. So I decide to create a holder so I would have one less thing to carry in my hands.

(I would like to with the epilog challenge so that I can make a more cool looking holder and be able to laser inscribe a name plate for my case for better marketing.)

Step 1: Measuring and Fitting

Well the first thing I did was measure the diameter of my water meter. It was 1.25". So I went to the plumbing section of my local big box store. I pulled a PVC coupling with 1.25" diameter and it fit just nice. Only $0.38. yeah.
Good idea!
nice job!
you can also get spray vinyl dye at most autoshops. it will stick to pvc better and chip/flake less
Thanks for the suggestion. I have never tired that before. I thought I had the Krylon plastics spray paint, but I did not have any in my shop and I was in a hurry to get the project done for the next day. So we will see how long the regular paint will last before it starts to chip. New paint/dye will be version 2.0

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