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For my job, I use quite a few devices to check for moisture. So waking into a customers house my hands are always full. One of my tools that I use looks like a short cane. So I decide to create a holder so I would have one less thing to carry in my hands.

(I would like to with the epilog challenge so that I can make a more cool looking holder and be able to laser inscribe a name plate for my case for better marketing.)

Step 1: Measuring and fitting

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Well the first thing I did was measure the diameter of my water meter. It was 1.25". So I went to the plumbing section of my local big box store. I pulled a PVC coupling with 1.25" diameter and it fit just nice. Only $0.38. yeah.
RangerJ2 years ago
Good idea!
zazenergy3 years ago
nice job!
killbox3 years ago
you can also get spray vinyl dye at most autoshops. it will stick to pvc better and chip/flake less
dennisyuki (author)  killbox3 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion. I have never tired that before. I thought I had the Krylon plastics spray paint, but I did not have any in my shop and I was in a hurry to get the project done for the next day. So we will see how long the regular paint will last before it starts to chip. New paint/dye will be version 2.0