Clip on Solar Charging Station


Introduction: Clip on Solar Charging Station

Hi, my name is Daniel and this is my first instructables project. I am building this for the wearable tech competition. It is essentially a docking station like you would use for an iPod or smartphone. the only difference is that you can WEAR it. All you need to do to change the compatible device is change the USB charge lead connected. It will charge AA batteries and your Phone/ i pod by using solar panels mounted on the side.The materials cost me about 15 pounds in England, so is quite cheap for a docking station, plus it is FREE ENERGY. I hope you have fun following this project and making it yourself!

Step 1: Materials:

Solar light

Emergency battery pack

4 AA batteries


Battery holder/case for 4 AA batteries

soldering iron



Step 2: Dismantling

Dismantle the solar light so that you can get to the solar panel and the LED. From where the battery was, connect the positive and negative wires for your battery case. Check that this all works.

Step 3: Dismantling...Again!

Dismantle the emergency battery, so that you get the PCB. Use the soldering iron to remove the anode and cathode ( negative and positive) battery leads, and replace with wire.

Step 4: Soldering

Un-solder a wire from the LED and then re-solder the LED to the corresponding wire on your PCB. Then solder the two remaining wires together. If all has gone smoothly, the LED should come on when you switch it on. If not, check your wires. Remember - Positive to Negative leads.

Step 5: Case

Now that you have a working circuit, you need a case. I used the solar light's case. attach the clip to the back of your case and you are done. just plug in your lead and charge away.



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    practical, portable , epic! perfect device and it comes in black... (terrible reference sorry)

    It would be good if you added some pictures for each step, Because it is a bit hard to understand. (it is way better than how I made my first instructable, I didn't even know how to add steps!)

    Also, Did you connect the batteries in parallel? I know that these solar panels are pretty small and don't give a lot of amps, (or milli-amps) so it would probably take a couple of days to charge the batteries, But anyway that's a really good idea.

    When I started with electronics, I made something similar that didn't have bbatteries, only a solar panel

    1 reply

    Thanks for the tip, and the comment. i will keep that in mind for the future.

    Please support this build in the wearable tech competition!

    Very cool. Where do you wear it, on your backpack?

    1 reply

    where ever, it just clips onto your pocket, belt, backpack, anything you like really

    thanks for the comment!