This was my first piece of furniture ever and I'm quite proud of it. It is made of reclaimed maple that I worked myself at school with the help of the workshop teachers. This transat is perfect for spas, pools or reading corners. The bottom compartment is ment to store towels. One interesting caracteristic of the seat is that it flips to become a cradle for young children to play with. this is the process I went trough to produce the first Clementine chair. 

Step 1: Bend

I first had to produce a hundred parts of wood 1/4 '' thick and 2 '' wide by 8' long. To put them in shape, I made a mold where three parts were held with clamps and glue for 3 hours. One part at the time...

Love this piece.....such a talent you are!!! Great and beautiful piece! :)
super design pls share the pdf file i would be interested in make on mahesh.gan.143@gmail.com
LOL "beautiful nuts"
man, this is absolutely beautiful!!! i love the look of it. only thing i am wondering is, is it comfortable?? i wish you had a pic of someone sitting in it cause i was wonderingabout the lower back support, but maybe im looking at it wrong. but anyways, great job, you are a true artist.
I do have such pictures. let me see...
Exellent done!!!!
What is a toupie?
literal: &quot;spinning top&quot; <br>At that point, I would guess a router.
Great design, wonderful execution of the design. Thanks for posting it.
What an artist you are...this is not merely a chair but a beautiful work of art. I think you found your calling when you made this one. Beautiful absolutely beautiful...
Well done - excellent work!
Dude! This chair is AWESOME!!! You have to win an award for this! I'm jealous and I want one NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW......
You should be proud. This gives me an ideal for some saplings I have to clear out. Hmmm.... saplings, cordage..camp furniture?<br><br>Nice work!
Very nicely done.
Clever and beautiful design! And excellent work.

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