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Funny prank to confuse anyone who is a slave to the clocks around the house. (or just looks at the time)

Step 1: Wait

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Wait untill your victim is away or asleep.

Step 2: Now Time for Some Changes in Schedule.

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Change the time on all the clocks an hour or so bahead so when your victim awakes he or she will see the time and start to freak out beacause all the clocks are set bahead. then that person will leave for work or school an hour early.


yellowcatt (author)2012-07-01

BBC Radio 4's Today programme often gave the wrong time, disconcerting when you are half a sleep listening to the radio and they tell you the time is an hour later than it actually is.

benthekahn (author)2008-04-01

A clock at my fiend's house doesn't have batteries and the hands are set to 4:20. Always.

munchman (author)benthekahn2008-04-04

One of the computer labs at my school is stuck at around 8:20. it's so annoying when you look up to see the time. Although it is a computer lab so I wonder why I don't just look at the taskbar. Damn, now I have got myself on a big quest to find the answer to life, the universe and everything.

R167 (author)munchman2012-07-01

Our schools theater has all of these clocks that only right 2 times daily.

Kopolis777 (author)munchman2008-07-03

the answer is 42

munchman (author)Kopolis7772008-07-03

Yes... but what is the question?

daltonjcw (author)munchman2011-03-09

Still working on that. 5 minutes till the computer finishes the program to tell us.....
What are those yellow things hanging in the sky exactly the way that bricks don't?

Kopolis777 (author)munchman2008-07-09

You said you were looking for an answer to life, the universe and everything. So i gave you one.

munchman (author)Kopolis7772008-07-10

But you will only know what the answer means if you know the question.

randomray (author)munchman2008-11-20

You know both the answer and question . What need to know is what Base the answer is in .

munchman (author)randomray2008-11-20

lol - It is the unlucky base (figure it out)

randomray (author)munchman2008-11-21

How about thirteen ? Of course it's always been a good number for me .

munchman (author)randomray2008-11-21

Me too.

Madrias357 (author)munchman2009-05-22

Thirteen is very lucky. 14 is not.

daltonjcw (author)munchman2011-03-09

42. That was easy.

Briguy9 (author)munchman2009-07-25

I have done that before, only there's no clock in my computer lab. Another sucky thing about my computer lab is that they bought like 30 new computers all loaded up with Windows Vista Enterprise and they downloaded like windows 2000 or xp made to look like that on it.

Derin (author)munchman2008-04-22

my class clock is stuck at 3:45 so that i play a big role in the time arrangement of the class

Derin (author)Derin2008-07-22

but the battery is there,the second hand somehow wont advance

CelloMan (author)munchman2008-04-05

I'm looking for the most powerful gun in the universe, maybe we could team up to find it, i don't want if for myself but for my bestfriends semi-half-brother, he got his first head chopped of so we could just get off the planet I love that movie!

pcairic (author)benthekahn2011-04-02

4:20 uh? Quick! What's the angle between the two hands?

Nah, it's not 0.

Bl00dRaYn210 (author)benthekahn2009-06-09

Brilliant I want that clock... or i could just do it myself

karossii (author)2009-03-26


rboos (author)2009-03-16

Once I was at a bar, and had to work early the next day - my friends saw me going to the restroom and set the bar's wall clock to 2,5h later, like 3:50 AM.. They got the waitress permition, and changed her wristwatch time too... Since I was pretty drunk I got crazy when I saw it was so late... and 1st thing I did was to check the waitress watch.. they got me on that one... Theyu only told me a week l8r! Nice prank...

taco_guy93 (author)2008-09-27

we did that to my friend at school! he fell asleep during class and we all moved out in the hall way, my teacher set the clock to 5:36 and left, closed the door, then opened it quickly like he just came in and walked over to him and woke him up it was hilarious! he started freaking out and gathering all his things and the door a ran out and we were all standing there, it was sooo funny!

sonyerg (author)taco_guy932008-09-28

Thats rad good job man tell all your friends

jeymeowmix (author)2008-09-15

its kinda obvious, you don't really need an instructable for it

Kaiven (author)2008-08-31

drop a magnet on it while they sleep ;)

millenniumtree (author)2008-05-27

My wife was flying into Chicago at about 7:00PM from England. I had just been up most of the previous night. She called at approximately 5:30AM and said she was leaving for the airport soon. I fell asleep for about a half hour, awoke to see 6:00 on the clock! I thought I had slept for more than 12 hours so I bolted out the door and drove to Chicago at 85mph. It was not until I was more than half way there when I realized the sun wasn't going DOWN, but UP!! I made it to Chicago in record time. (almost 11 hours early!!!) I spent 10 carefree hours in Chicago, doing nothing in particular besides looking for free parking. I ended up at the marina, looking at boats for several hours. Darn 12 hour clocks. :P

Goodhart (author)2008-04-11

It may not be overly original, but it is still funny.....useful too (my wife can be late many times, so having clocks set forward 15 minutes or so, helps me out a lot :-)

damasta (author)2008-04-01

C'MON, that trick has been around before clocks where even used by "normal" people! it might be a fun prank, but nothing new

sonyerg (author)damasta2008-04-06


damasta (author)sonyerg2008-04-07

not me, but I thought I should say that

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