Picture of Clock with steel helmet logo
Always wanted to make a clock nobody else has. It can be done by using your own logo.

Two years ago I was in the board of my study association. When we moved to another location about half a year ago within our building the clock we had didn't fit in the new interior. They bought another clock which I didn't like. So there was only one thing to do. Make my own with the logo of my sub association(some kind of fraternity).
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Step 1: Materials

- white paint
- old clock
- steel strips/steel plate
- silicon coalk

- angle grinder
  + grinding disk
  + sanding disk
- MIG welder
- wood saw
- metal file(rounded)
- wrenches(depending on your clock)
- wood-drill
- Japanese chisel(optional)

Step 2: Design

Picture of Design
Before I began making the clock I had no idea what to make. The two things I knew were that I wanted to make the sub associations logo out of steel and that I didn't want to spend any money.

In the study associations workshop were lots of steel strips so I wanted to use them. The new room was decorated in a modern style and there was a stroke of concrete visible where I thought the clock would look good. At this point I made a design in photoshop were I would work with. After creating the first metal parts I adjusted the design to the design below.

Step 3: Metal fabrication: welding

Picture of Metal fabrication: welding
2011-11-05 14.01.36.jpg
2011-11-05 14.52.50.jpg
2011-11-05 15.45.25.jpg
I printed the logo at the correct size. As you can see I only had small paper(A4) so I used two pieces for the logo. The logo can be devided into several parts, in this case 4. This is used during the alligning of the strips.

In order to look good, I arranged the strips in such a way they sort of alligned with the specific part of the logo. At this point everything was made roughly to the correct shape. Later on I added several small strips to reinforce or for better looks. All strips, from one part of the logo, were 'spot' welded together.
Cool! Look's awesome on the light background/clock!