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Introduction: Clockworker Radio

A couple of month ago I found a x-tal radio called the "MysterySet". Together with a variable capacitor and a Schottky Diode I builded a Steam Punk style Radio.
For the housing I used a glass dome for clocks. And for tuning a lever below the housing.

The receiver is very sensitive and without any batteries ore power I am able to listen up to 10 Stations in the night.



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    Hi I was wondering what the specifications were on the Schottky Diode and Variable capacitor. (what types and sizes)

    many thanks,


    the capacitor is 500pF.
    The diode is a BAT46.

    The coil was wound regarding the following instructions:

    I hope that will help.

    With kind regards,

    H. Steam

    Yes it will but you will have to add more turns to the tuning coil.

    Thanks so much, this should help me out a lot.

    again many thanks,

    This was a basic crystal radio. You can use germanium diodes also.

    Very nice and attractive radio. I looked at the link that you posted. Can you tell me which one you went with, the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd? What size tube did you use? What are the dimensions of the clock dome that you used? And lastly, where did you put the headphone plug at?


    I used this wooden base:

    together with that dome no V:

    I cut a wooden ring, that fits between the wooden stand and the base plate and than I cut the ring into two half's.
    I drilled two holes for the headphones and two for antenna and earth and glued it between the wooden stand and the base plate.

    Hope that will help a bit.


    Horatius Steam

    Nice radio. It's nice to see a "steam punk" device that actually does what it is supposed to do. There are too many useless "props" out there. I also applaud the fact that you resisted the usual temptation to hot glue on extraneous useless bits (gears etc.) Very clean and functional. I love it. It's true punk... not junk. Thanks.

    Thank you, I am trying to build real functioning devices.

    More radios to come.....

    H. Steam