Introduction: Clogged Water Drain

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My drains were really dirty so I decided to clean them.

Step 1: Tools

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  • Flat screw driver (I took my photo blurry)
  • Scoop ( To scoop all of the dirt)
  • Bucket ( To carry dirt ant pour water to wash the drain)

Step 2: Prying Open the Grill

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So i pried the grill and noticed lots of dirt.

Step 3: Cleaning

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I scooped all of the dirt and poured it into trash bin because it was polluted by various chemical supplements.

Step 4: Washing the Drain

Picture of Washing the Drain

I used one bucket of water, and whirled it around with scoop.

Step 5: Putting Everything Back

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You just simply press the grill back on. Now it looks clean till next autumn. Thank you for watching, see you in next instructable :)


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