Clone Commander Cody


Introduction: Clone Commander Cody

This is my 9 year old sons 2010 Halloween costume.  I started this on October 12, and we were ready for Halloween.

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    1 Questions

    why does he have a lightsaber?


    I see No lightsaber !


    nao consigo baixar nem um arquivo.Preciso ter a conta pro, mas nao quero pagar,oque eu faço?

    How did u make the gun?

    its super cool but you need more detailed instructions like eta for completion materials and equipment stuff like that

    As the Joker once said of the Batman, "where does he get those wonderful toys?"
    The laser cut vinyl, the cnc cutter for the foam, the abs for the vacuum former?

    Brilliant work. The possibilities are endless.

    You should make Katarn armor from the Star Wars commando series.

    Wow, your son must have felt EPIC! I sure would!

    How did you make the gun?

    Awesome work man...
    next you should make an HEV Suit from HL2!
    or i have to Crowbar you like a head humper XD

    ps: sorry if you dont understand the reference :P

    I like the costume that you made, but I'm not quit sure how you made the reverse models. Could you be a little more specific? Thanks

    Nice, but I was expecting a different commander cody, ala "Radar Men on the Moon".

    Nice job, the outfit looks very realistic. That must've taken a very long time to make. I hope your son enjoyed it.