Step 2: Decoration Ingredients/Tools

Picture of Decoration Ingredients/Tools
Other ingredients:
  • Cream Cheese or Buttercream frosting, enough to thinly coat the outside of each cupcake (My recipe: Cream together 1 stick butter, 1 8oz cream cheese. Add 1 tsp vanilla, then slowly add 1 lb powered sugar, beat thoroughly)
  • Marshmallow fondant. (Make this in advance – I’d go ahead and make the whole batch, that should more than enough for 1 dozen large cupcakes–probably enough for 24.)
  • Food coloring: Black paste coloring is required, then whatever colors you want for decorations (blue, green, yellow are popular)
  • Cornstarch (for rolling out the fondant)
  • Extra cake/cupcakes, crumbled + extra frosting, for cake ball mixture.*
  • Optional: white tootsie rolls or other similar candy to reinforce the ridge on top.
  • Drinking straw
*Make the Cake Ball Mixture:
crumble 1 -2 cupcakes worth of cake.  Mix in a large spoonful of icing.  Test to see if the mixture stays together.  If not, add a little more icing and repeat.  You're looking for it to be able to be made into a ball without falling apart.