Introduction: Clone Trooper Diy Costume Project Work in Progress

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hi! im from argentine, sorry for my english!

im soo excited about my NEW HUGH PROJECT!!

DO IT A ... clone trooper costume whoaaa...

lest started! first to all, im looking vinyl for my costume, but im buenos aires, dont have lucky... nobody have!

soo.... i bogh plastic, plastic and more plastic , fabric plastic...

step 1 the belt

because I have a entertaiment company, i dont know wich actor will be use this costume, soo... im take 88 cm for the belt

i used plastic fabric and goma espuma here is the name for that

Step 1: Step 2

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i bough in store one beast and used like mold, because i hate make molds, allways im work with a maniquee and raw , and cut over

Step 2: Step 3 Drawing

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draw and then cut

Step 3: Step 4 Use Hot Glue

Picture of Step 4 Use Hot Glue

is very very important than you cut a small lines, then used hot glue

Step 4: Step 5 Make It Bigger

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put more ¨goma espuma inside, then again used hot glue ... and put in the manique ...

to be continued... coming soon

Step 5: Step 6 the Belt

Picture of Step 6 the Belt

first buy a pizza, and them eat, when you finished use the pizza box, cut 14 pieces, and cut 14 pieces ¨for goma espuma, make like a sandwich, one piece of pizza box, one piece of goma espuma and one pieces again for pizza box, put hot glue.

cut a large pieces for fake blank leather , put hot glue, turn around and put again hot glue


Swansong (author)2016-10-05

It looks good! I hope you have fun for Halloween. :)

YaelT2 (author)Swansong2016-10-05

thanks! I do event planner for kids, allways do puppets, costume, I love to do!

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