Introduction: Clone Wars Felt Play Board

Felt play boards are a great way to keep your toddler entertained while traveling. They are light weight and easy to pack. Perfect for a long car ride or on an airplane.

Step 1: Item List

You will need the following items:

Two pieces of pre-cut felt
One piece of cardboard
Your child's favorite stickers
A glue stick

Step 2: Glue the Felt

Glue one piece of felt onto the cardboard with a glue stick.

Step 3: Trim the Felt

If the cardboard and the felt are not the same size trim the edges.

Step 4: Stickers

Stick all of the stickers on the second piece of felt.

Step 5: Cut Around the Stickers

Carefully cut around the stickers leaving a thin border around the edges.

Step 6: Finished Product

Put all of the cut out stickers on the first piece of felt.

Give to your child and let their imagination run wild!


Kaptain Kool (author)2011-06-22

Great idea!

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