Clone a Remote With Arduino





Introduction: Clone a Remote With Arduino

I recently needed to use the Arduino to control a stereo system, so rather than hack open the remote and wire into it, I decided to simply clone the signal. This was incredibly easy to do. Basically, I read the signal from the remote with a 38khz receiver, and then played it back with an IR LED.

To start, I went to the IR Sensor Tutorial on and loaded the following script onto my Arduino:



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The next "Instructable" with the topic: How to destroy electronic parts!

NEVER use LED's or even IR-LED's WITHOUT resistor. Yes, it will for for some time but then even IR-diode or the board is damaged.

pin 13 of arduino board have a integrated resistance in serie with the onboard led

...and is the IR LED connected to Pin 13?


And the arduino won't give enough power for reasonable driving a IR LED. The range with 10-20mA is about one meter. Better doing a circuit with an 2N2222 NPN.


I would like to at least see a parts list since I don't have access to the PDF . Thanks

First instructable I've seen where you HAVE to download the PDF to get the full instructable - because I can't see anything beyond the first page here.

Do you need a resistor to go to the IR led?

Maybe. Not sure the specs on the LED. Nonetheless, I didn't use one. I figured it was being pulsed fast enough, and for short enough periods of time, that I could get away without it. For long-term use, it would probably be ideal.

I need to clone an antiquated tramsitter for a remote overhead crane control. The touch buttons are intermittantly responding.
How can I determine the frequency of the transmitter unit ?
What options would I have for a new transmitter ?
The reciever is about 30 feet above the ground on a crane motor.

Might just need to replace the buttons due to worn or corroded contacts.