video Cloning Tomatoes
Cloning a tomato plant is incredibly easy and saves a lot of time by not having to germinate seeds.  Here's a quick video I put together on how I do it.  I do most of my growing with aquaponics, but this will work for soil gardens too.
fretted2 years ago
Is your expanded shale in a trough or some kind of tray with hydroponics running through the bottom ? or is it one of those constant flow systems with nutrients running through it all the time ?

Can you clone or grow seeds in the same fashion ? or other plants like watermelon or squash ?

God Video by the way nice Ible
web4deb (author)  fretted2 years ago
This grow bed is a flood and drain in an Aquaponic system. For all the details on how it was built, here's the video series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2402DC95ADAFA04E
fretted web4deb2 years ago
cool thank you
fretted fretted2 years ago
God = Good
and vise versa lol
rimar20002 years ago
WOW, this is awesome. Thanks for sharing.