CloroxBot Recycled Giant Robot Costume!


Introduction: CloroxBot Recycled Giant Robot Costume!

About: Once was a chef, now i'm a pizza tosser.... and that was a long time ago. Then I travelled the world, spent a lot of time in Antarctica, worked on pirate ships, and now I am in Melbourne...

Last Halloween I built a robot costume out of laundry detergent bottles, crutches, football shoulder pads, and several stoned days with a hot glue gun.

Step 1: Gather Materials

I spent a week raiding laundry mats trashcans in search of empty bottles gathering about 60 of assorted shapes and sizes. I also found two pairs of crutches (for stilts), and a pair of football shoulder pads.

Step 2: Stilts!

I found a wooden pair of stilts at a thrift store, they raise me 18 inches off the ground. The stilts have a platform for your feet. I used a few screws and some epoxy to permantly fix a pair of shoes to this platform.

Step 3: Leg Construction

I used 8 Large Clorox bleach bottles that I cut the bottom off of, after that I cut the cone shaped top off so I end up with a cylinder of plastic. I also found 2 small cone shaped wastebaskets, These I inverted so the wide part is at the bottom and around the bottom of the stilts via a small hole I made in the wastebaskets.
From here I started to add the bleach bottle cylnders one on top of each other (note I had to cut away a place for my shoes in a few of the bottles.) Once they are all in place I hotglued everything together.

Step 4: Robo Claw

I cut 4 handles from some square laundry detergent bottles to use as the fingers. These I glued to one of my friends hair clips, 2 on each side so that they close together like a claw and can open. I put the hair clip on a dowel and glued it through a small cut up bleach bottle cylinder.

Step 5: Robo Body

I started off by removing all extra straps from the football shoulder pads and gave it a good wash (a really good wash.) I began cutting and fitting various bottles together, use your imagination. The shoulder spikes are made from some juice bottles I found, the body side pieces are 2 1/2 gallon water jugs from the store, everything else is laundry detergent bottles.
The butt piece is made from square all detergent bottles. The spout has been removed and leaves the holes you see in the back. (I'll call those exhaust holes)

Step 6: Robo Head

This was my favorite part. I started off with the largest clorox bleach bottle I could find. I cut out the back and crammed it over my fat head. I used a marker to not where the eye holes should be. From there I used a heat gun and warped the front piece out a little and made the back a little larger. I cut a hole through the eye holes and placed some red transparency film over it so you couldn't see my eyes, I also put a bottle cap higher on the head (see final pictures) and a few other cometic plastic pieces. Once again, use your imagination.

Step 7: Paint

I originally primered it and painted it with automotive paint. I looked great after a few clear coats but unfortnately the bottles would flex and crack the paint off. Next time I painted it with a rubber based paint that allows it to flex, Its made by dupont but I forgot its name.

I made the arms out of more bottles and glue and added a few other little plastic parts to make it look cool. Its a pain to get on, takes me about 15 minutes and I sweat like a pig under a magnifying glass in the middle of the arabian desert during a freak giant solar flare in this costume Also be sure to wear knee and elbow pads just in case.



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    Super job on that costume!
    OMG... Robofett!!

    And now someone needs to shuffle in one.

    This giant Iron Robot  is looking fabulous and the article is fantastic to make a special robot at home

    I am soo going to use this on halloween! Congrats on your awesomeness and ingenuity.

    Wow. I thought their were comments on this ible... I remmber commenting on this a while ago.... Anyway, you mention using crutches? How would I use crutches for stilts? I want to do this, because I have some old worn out brown leather crutches I got from a yard sale. I also Have an old pare of shoes. How would I make them into stilts?

    Hope the bleach fumes didn't make you too woozy...unless that was what you wanted. :-)

    You know, it wouldn't take much to change this into a cool Mark1 Iron Man costume for Halloween.

    Pretty intense

    I have aluminium crutches would this still work? and did you stand on the crutch handle? I would love to be this for halloween it is the only costume I have found that has given me inspiration to dress up :)

    1 reply

    Each leg was made of two aluminum crutches. They where arranged upside down so that the piece that usually rests in your armpit would be on the ground. I cut one of the crutches all the way across about a foot from the top at one of the handles. The other crutch I left kinda long, I trimmed it at the point where it would meet my knee while I was standing on the block I used to lift my feet off the ground.and would be strapped to my lower leg. Wow, that sounds kinda confusing, I hope it works for ya.

    I drilled the crutches to two blocks of wood, one higher and one lower. It was a little heavy.


    Very creative, very nice!

    holy crap man, that is awesome!

    Well, you have to ventilate somehow

    haha awesome im in the process of making an optimus prime costume for this comming halloween, ill bee sure to post it