Hello! Welcome to my first Instructable! Here I'll be showing you how to make my homemade closable food container that sends a Twitter notification every time your pet goes to eat.

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you need in order to make this work. Now, this project is very flexible, so you can substitute some parts out. Here's what I used:

Arduino Uno

Rfid tag and sensor

Ethernet shield

Some jumper cables

An old DVD player, or anything with a DC motor, and keep it's other insides.

Cardboard and any material that you want to house your pet feeder in

A bowl for the food

An ethernet cable

A 9v plugin that's compatible with the Arduino. (So that you can just plug this device into the wall after you get done coding)

<p>so how well does this work? and how much did it cost? thanks! </p>
<p>Cool! Nice first project. Keep it up!</p>

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