I was in a tight spot under the hood. Not enough torque on the wrench. Not enough room for a cheater bar, or pneumatic impact wrench. Not even enough room to swing a hammer.

The solution?  String a bicycle chain through the closed end of a combo wrench, and through a barbell weight, lock it with vice grips, and hammer away  with the weight pulling the chain. It works.
Just be sure to buy a Craftsman (or whatever your free replacement product is) wrench so you can get a free replacement if/when you break it. Years ago I worked at Sears and had a guy bring in a socket extension that looked like a screw after he plugged it into his impact gun. Good times. Also, for those trying this out with a wrench that has a ratcheting closed end, don't be stupid, it'll break.
Good idea. I am always looking for shade tree mechanical advice. Its amazing what you will come up with when necessity dictates. I recently coaxed my 4.9ltr in line 6 back onto its motor mounts after changing the oil pan gasket using a ratcheting tie down strap from the transmission tail mount to the rear axle. I ran it at an angle to guide the "drop" in the appropriate direction. I then used 6' of landscape timber wedged between the engine and frame to perform an aircraft carrier landing simulation on my misaligned engine. She wasn't happy but complied like a good girl..lol
I'm not sure I get the picture. Could you draw us one? :)
Thanks for the comments folks. I thought this was way too simple + easy to get this response. <br> <br>I think this is a better solution than drilling through the wheelwell for impact wrench access. (but yeah, I did that once, too)
Oooh .. brilliant.
Oooh. That's good. Thanks for the hack.
Oooh. That's good. Thanks for the hack.
Clever solution, thanks for sharing.

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