Close Up Self Portrait in Charcoal




Introduction: Close Up Self Portrait in Charcoal

This is a timelapse of an art assignment I had in an intro to drawing course.  The assignment was to draw a detailed and lifelike rendering of the area around your eyes/face including eyebrows on a provided 18" by 24" creme drawing pad.  

Materials used:
18" by 24" creme drawing pad
Soft Vine Charcoal
Compressed Charcoal
Kneaded Eraser

I attached a mirror to the wall opposite me, and propped up my drawing pad to be at a better angle so the image would not be distorted.  Beginning with the outlines of my glasses, I marked down the major features lightly with a very soft vine charcoal.  Then, working from the top lid of my right eye, I filled in the picture.  When portions began to muddy or become too dark I used the kneaded eraser to "draw" in highlights.  Finally, I went back through with compressed charcoal to make the deepest blacks deeper.  The glasses played a crucial role in maintaining proportion in such a magnified piece.

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