Close Pin Gun


Introduction: Close Pin Gun

Step 1: What You Will Need

Two close pins a serrated blade and a tooth pick

Step 2: Gathering the Parts

Take apart one close pin you should have two wooden pieces and one metal piece

Step 3: Making the Gun

Make a slit in one of the wooden pieces

Step 4: Making the Gun Part 2

Put the metal piece on the wooden piece that you put the slit in

Step 5: Making the Gun Part 3

Take the part that you just made and the other close pin that is not taken apart and clamp the other part to the itself go all the way until it can not go any more father

Step 6: Loading the Gun

Take the last wooden piece and use it as a loader and push the metal back into the slot as in the picture then put the tooth pick in between the to wooden pieces as in the picture then pull the metal piece as it fires the tooth pick



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    2 Discussions

    The device is a clothes pin, (as in hanging clothes on a line to dry) not a "close" pin.

    You got this of YouTube didn't you?!