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See what electronics really look like when you see it up close...

This is for the macro photography patch contest. I am forced to make this slideshow because adding pictures on comments is disabled, I don't know if it is a bug or a pro feature, so I'll go ahead and put pictures onto this slideshow.


  • The first three pictures are components on the mother board from a PC computer. (The smallest component you can see are no bigger than 2x1 mm.) I am astonished when the whole mother board looks speck free of dust, but up close, it is really that dirty...
  • The fourth picture with a ruler for scale
  • The fifth picture is the CPU. (I think!)
  • The sixth picture is the conner of the CPU.
  • The seventh picture is the top view of an RGB LED with a microchip, three LED's (you can't really see them), and wires that are made of gold?
  • The eighth picture is the side view of an RGB LED.
  • The ninth picture is the veroboard up close.
  • The tenth picture is the transistor in TO 92 type package
  • The eleventh picture is a 1/4 watt resistor


chosenone3 (author)2009-10-12

Whoaaa i didn't knew LED is like that inside :]
Good Job Plasmana as always.

krazipanda (author)2009-10-07

so.... HOT

ycc2106 (author)2009-06-14

Wow, very nice. What did you use?

Plasmana (author)ycc21062009-06-15

What camera I used you mean? I used Olympus D-390, modified to take pictures up close.

theseventhsage (author)Plasmana2009-09-25

Plasmana, i know that you are good with electronics, can you give me any suggestion on Instructables the movie...

Punkguyta (author)Plasmana2009-07-05

Oh so that's why it's blurred out towards the edges. My fujifilm takes better macro's unmodded.

Arbitror (author)Plasmana2009-07-03

I have an Olympus Stylus 720 SW, also macro modded!

Vyger (author)2009-09-17

Did you happen to see my instructablle on pictures of microchips?
You can use the front lens assembly of a pair of binoculars to get even closer.

Xellers (author)2009-09-02

How would you modify a camera to take pictures like this?

bug on fire (author)2009-06-15

are those little things in the first picture resistors or what are they i see alot of those on circuit boards

Plasmana (author)bug on fire2009-06-15

The black ones with numbers are resistors. The yellow/white ones are capacitors. I don't know about the other ones like the blue one with a gold ring.

yankleshark (author)Plasmana2009-06-19

The blue one with the 0 on it is a "zero ohm resistor." Used like pin jumpers, just the surface mount version. It creates a short between the two pads.

Arbitror (author)yankleshark2009-07-03

Why not just but a glob of solder jumping them?

Arbitror (author)Arbitror2009-07-03

But seriously, why solder in a special part, that is just as effective as a little line or glob of solder???

yankleshark (author)Arbitror2009-07-04

With reflow soldering processes you cannot get a blob of solder. The solder will flow to both pads, and separate in the middle. You can do it with a blob by hand however.

awang8 (author)2009-06-16

Huh? You can upload images to comments... (Let's hope this works otherwise I'll be like really embarassed...)

awang8 (author)awang82009-06-16


Plasmana (author)awang82009-06-23

Now you know why I did this. xD

qwertyboy (author)2009-06-15

the 'CPU' is actually either the Northbridge or Southbridge processor. this is what controls the motherboard. (like audio, graphics, memory, etc.) great pictures! i hope that you get the patch!

Plasmana (author)qwertyboy2009-06-15

Ahh, that is interesting, thank you for telling me that. Also, I don't care if I get a patch or not, I had fun doing this. :-) Besides, patches goes away after a month.

Kiteman (author)2009-06-14

This is the wrong place to make comments like that.

Decepticon (author)Kiteman2009-06-14

Seriously. Where did that comment come from anyway?

Kiteman (author)Decepticon2009-06-15

Not a clue. Maybe he's a lurker, finally joined, maybe he's an old banned member returning to stir more trouble, maybe he's just a new member with a bad sense of the appropriate. Either way, my ego is not exactly dented by the loss of something I never knew I was supposed to care about.

Goodhart (author)2009-06-15

Fantastic!!!!! Your camera sees better then I do (maybe you can come photograph all my components that I use to make things - those that are too small for me to read even with a magnifier, so I can use those components LOL ;-)

thermoelectric (author)2009-06-15

Wow, the pic of the RGB LED is really interesting! Keep up the good work Plas!

Plasmana (author)thermoelectric2009-06-15

Thanks man!

bug on fire (author)2009-06-15

well people can choose what ever they want to be. So you are a religious person, but that does mean I have the right to change your view on religion and make you become an atheist so don't you go around trying to change peoples views and making them religious. Also if he is not religious you got to go around saying that you have lost all respect for a man just because he does not believe in the same thing. Does everybody you know believe in the same god as you ( boss, co-worker, wife, kids, relatives, the mail man - do you think he does not get payed if he believes in something else. Have you ever seen on a job application that states you have to be a specific type of religion to get qualified for that job? ) I don't think you would judge a book by it's cover so don't judge a person by there religion. Also when you meet a new person whatever the reason may be ( we all have to meet new people) will you first ask them about there religion witch may have nothing to do with why your meeting them. There is enough racism as it is, black white yellow, we are all different so don't make such a big deal out of what a person believes. Sorry for wasting so much space plasmana I truly love all you instructibles and wish you would make more ( especially ones to do with high voltage )

Plasmana (author)bug on fire2009-06-15

That is okay, you are teaching somebody here, so don't feel bad. And yeah, I got more ideas for more high voltage projects, it is just going to take time.

Plasmana (author)2009-06-15

I don't care if he is religious or not, I respect for him what he is. I don't understand why people act so differently towards each other, I think it is just ridiculous. People chose what they want to be, and still can be friends.

S1L3N7 SWAT (author)2009-06-14

I'm sure he'll miss that respect, especially from some one with such eloquence as yourself.

Kiteman (author)2009-06-14

These photos have been entered in the contest, and gain bonus kudos for the entry method.

Plasmana (author)Kiteman2009-06-14

W00t! Thanks kiteman! will try add in some more photos of a cleaner motherboard when I get more time.

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