Picture of Closet Door Clamping Tie Rack
It's no secret - I like to look good. And a large part of my stylings involve wearing a dress shirt and tie. In my short life, I have acquired quite a few ties, (only some of which are shown here, most are in storage). I've had a few different kinds of tie racks which have worked well, but since my wife and I started traveling and living in a fifth wheel trailer, space is pretty limited. For the longest time, I've kept my ties on a suit hanger, with the pant bar clamp keeping them in place.

This has been far from ideal considering the space it takes up in the closet combined with the fact that I have to unclamp the bar to take off a single tie at which time half of the other ties always fall off. Plus, there isn't that much room on the hanger, so it's hard to see what ties I actually have on the hanger bar.

With these issues in mind, I set out to make a new tie rack to more efficiently organize my ties in the small space I have available. This project uses minimal parts, mostly what I had lying around. The new rack has two rows with a raising clamp to keep the ties in place while we are on the road. 
Vyger2 years ago
All your ties are geometric. You should get a few Jerry Garcia ones. No, I am in no way saying you have bad taste, but sometimes curves are better than just geometry.
I found some on sale, not a bad price really, some look pretty interesting.
http://www.absoluteties.com/jegatirele.html (never bought from these guys before, just found them on a Google search}
And yes, trying to travel with ties is sometimes a challenge.
I keep rotating mine so I don't only wear a few of them. I have a rack for the ones I have worn lately and another for ones I haven't. I take them off of the one wear them and then put them on the other. When they are all transferred then I reverse it and go back the other way.
Kurt E. Clothier (author)  Vyger2 years ago
Thanks for the tip. Yes, I like geometric ties - must be the mathematician in me! Some of those look nice, but a lot of them just scream "used car salesman." I do have some like what you are talking about, just not with me at the moment... I like the tie rotation. My wife does the same thing with dresses - every time we visit our parents (where we store all of our stuff while we are traveling) she takes a handful of clothes home to swap with other things she hasn't worn in awhile.