Picture of Closet Sewing Space
Usually,  I tackle a project by recognizing a need, and then go about problem solving. In this case, I had a want... and it took me a few minutes to realize it was also a perfect solution!

I fell in love with a small arts and crafts style desk at a local auction. But I couldn't really justify buying it, without having a use for it. Thankfully,right before the bidding began, I realized it would probably fit perfect in my closet in the art room upstairs. Sigh... I now had an idea, and a reason!

I won the desk (for a steal), and the sewing nook was born!

Step 1: Organizational Tools

Picture of Organizational Tools
A couple of organization tools really helped me with this space.
  • A small desk
  • The peg board !! (big time)
  • Plastic see through bins
  • Door hanging basket system. 

Small Desk
I lucked out, saw the desk first and it  fit  (we'll call it a good eye, and not mention the luck to my husband).... I would recommend measuring your closet, and checking out a goodwill, or your kiddo's room.

Peg board
I had never put up any peg board before, so that was an adventure, but it wasn't so hard.
You'll need:
  • peg board
  • 1x2 wood. ( 1 x 2  actually measures about 3/4" x 1 1/2")
  • Wood screws long enough to go through the 3/4" wood, and in to your studs behind the wall. (about 12 of them)
  • Shorter screws to screw the peg board to the wood. (again 9 - 12)
  • Circular saw for cutting.
  • Drill
How to:
  1. Measure up how big you want to the peg board to be.
  2. Buy pegboard, I got a 1/4 sheet at home depot, and cut off the extra at home with a circular saw.
  3. The peg board needs to sit away from the wall so the hooks can slide in. That's where the 1x2 comes in.
  4. I bought 8 feet of the 1x2, and cut it down to 3, 24"  pieces. The 24" was the height of my peg board.  And I cut 3, so I could put one on each side, and one on the stud in the middle. Change your measurements to suit your space,  adding 1x2 framing on every stud, as it gets wider.
  5. To screw the 1x2's in to the walls. I pre-drilled holes with a drill bit, just smaller than my screws. Then I screwed the wood to the wall.  Make sure you are screwing in to a stud, or use dry wall anchors (in that case I would be sure not to put heavy things on the peg board)
  6. Screw the peg board to the 1x2 framing. You could put a piece of 1x2 on top for extra stability. I don't put one on the bottom, because some how little things get trapped back there !?!
  7. Get hooks to suit your needs, and your off! 
Plastic Bins
I like the see though ones, so I don't have to open all the boxes to find what I'm looking for.

Door Rack
I got one of those "elfa" door rack systems you can get at the container store. It wasn't cheap, but it has now lasted me over 5 years, no scratches... no problems.
grannyjones7 months ago

A closet door can prevent kitty "help". Brilliant!

ShaunF18 months ago


scluck552 years ago
Bravo! Even though my sewing space is much larger, I have incorporated many space saving ideas. I had not thought of the bobbin idea but "necessity is the mother..." I love seeing that someone else does the same thing! Hey, storage space is for the fabric, right?!
AuntyGoogol2 years ago
I like small spaces, and this seems an ideal use of space for a useful activity. It could be done in a similar way to cater for many other crafts.
dana-dxb3 years ago
u wouldn't beleave this i was just last night looking 4 some thing like this !!!!!!!!!!
so this is diffidently coming my home
Tezcumpapa4 years ago
As a quilter and crochet fiend, I can certainly see a version of this puppy in my future! With a few mods, I can once more walk into my studio without high stepping it over bags of yarn.
ChrysN4 years ago
What a great space to work in!
skyisblu4 years ago
Fantastic set up - I love the idea that all you have to do is close the door on a project and it will be waiting for your return, untouched. One seamstress to another, I can totally appreciate that!
antibromide4 years ago
I love this idea! It would be amazing to have all your supplies so close and be able to put everything away when you are done by simply closing the door. :)
arobbins4 years ago
You ROCK!!! This is a VERY clever idea, especially when you live in a place where having enough 'space' is always a big issue (like living in San Francisco).
And, if you are looking for free 'clear' storage containers ideas. Look no farther than your cupboards. A lot of our food items come in clear plastic containers that can be cleaned out and reused.
AlpineButterfly (author)  arobbins4 years ago
I like that idea... I usually keep all my sauce jars, and use them all over the place.
Carleyy4 years ago
Wow this is such a great and compact work space. I'm working on getting my craft space together, I'll definitely use some of these ideas!
RCMadMatt4 years ago
This is a GREAT idea!! I love it and this 'ible!!!
Efficiency at its best!  It would be awesome if you had an extender table to pull the sewing machine out a bit for larger projects, but that depends on how you can work and what all you sew.  The mini peg board shelves are very smart!  I'm sure Martha Stewart would approve.  :)