Step 4: Ta Daa!

Picture of Ta Daa!

The nice thing about this space is that I created  a little over 2 years ago, and it is still working for me now. It is a pleasure to sit down, and know my supplies are at my fingertips, or  within arms reach.  It has also been fairly easy to maintain.  Aside from keeping out the cats, being able to close the door has also meant that I can leave a project sitting out, and it's waiting for me when I come back... undisturbed!!

This little closet is hands down one of my favorite places to sit and work. And I hope sharing it helps inspire you to carve out a space for yourself. :-)

scluck552 years ago
Bravo! Even though my sewing space is much larger, I have incorporated many space saving ideas. I had not thought of the bobbin idea but "necessity is the mother..." I love seeing that someone else does the same thing! Hey, storage space is for the fabric, right?!