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Introduction: Closet Shelving

I ripped out the cheap wire shelving and replaced it with  nice built in wood shelves and closet rods. Looks much better and gives us much more storage capacity.



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when i first worked with wire sheLving
it was so Long ago
that it was onLy avaiLable wholesale .

i was hired by the creative cLoset company in Manhattan NYC ,
just for a few days .

they wouLd purchase about 3 months worth of wire sheLving
from the manufacturer .

this wouLd come in on a 24 foot Long truck .

the reguLar instaLLers and the extra Labourers , such as myseLf ,
would unLoad the Truck and 1st store the raw sheLving .

the next day we would cut the 12 foot long raw-stock
down to prescribed Lengths that they used for rapid instaLLation .

if needed , we worked a 3rd day to finish the cutting .

in NYC the wire sheLving was preferred due to the
ventiLation .

you did an exceLLent job for yourself .

come to my pLace and construct me a dark-room .

? or,
you need a dark-room ?

Thanks for the kind words, I will say this closet came close to killing me. It moved from a pretty simple design to something much more "constructed". So I'm taking a pass on your darkroom as I need a break from projects for a while ;-)

I suppose I could rent out the closet for Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest ;-)

then you better deck-epoxy the fLoor
in the manner of this rosewood fingerboard :

it is waterproof , very scratch resistant ,
you do not have to poLish it to gLass shine for a fLoor .

and wiLL withstand up to 4 Cajuns @ 1 time .

The floors have 4 coats of oil based floor polyurethane as do the shelves (the parts that don't have white paint).