This is our 1991 NordicTrack Challenger Ski Machine folded to a vertical configuration I enabled for storage in a hall closet. We now live in a smaller home and do not have space in a basement room for a NordicTrack ski machine to sit ready for use, as would be required in the second photo. Click on the third photo for a full view. It shows this NordicTrack ski machine stowed away in a closet.

This Instructable will show several modifications I made to our basic NordicTrack ski machine and give enough information that the reader could make similar modifications to his or her machine. 

Step 1: Add Detachable Wheels

In 2011 I did an Instructable on how I added removable wheels so our NordicTrack ski machine could be moved up and down steps by one person without difficulty. Since I have added springs with hooks I can grasp for attachment or release. These serve two purposes. They keep the axle for the wheels in place, and they block the skis from sliding when the ski machine is stored vertically or being moved. 

I experimented with using the ski machine while the wheels are in place and after the springs had been released so the skis can move normally. But, the ski machine can move forward and backward a little on the wheels. That creates havoc with the protective floor pads at the rear of the machine. Earlier I found a broken weld on the rear support, but it was probably unrelated to putting wheels under the front of the machine.  

Thank you for looking and for commenting.

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