Step 5: A Room With a View

Here is a picture of the finished product, along with two pics of the hanger bar and the mount for it.
I made all of this stuff out of the wood I mentioned earlier, the bars for the hangers are actually left over mattress supports from a bed frame. I cut them to size and slide them in place.
Screws were used with the whole project so that it can be un-assemlbed and moved.
I used a screw bolt to fasten it to the wall, so now my young'uns have privacy, the room split down the middle.
Good idea, i'd like it painted with clear gloss paint for washability. Good job.
Thanks, I'm hoping to post somemore soon.
Wow, I'm so glad I stumbled on your instructable! I've been looking for something almost exactly like this, ever since I moved into my studio apartment which is so small that I'm really learning to use space creatively and wisely. It can get a bit frustrating trying to figure out where to put things, and not being able to build/buy that cool bookcase/chair/armoire I saw unless it will fit in what little space I have. Your design is great. I think I can cut its size down to where it would work in my bedroom, where I have 1 1/2 feet on any side of my bed - and no closet space! :o
I'm glad you like it. Please post a pic when you are finished. Sadly, we have never gotten around to painting and finishing ours, so the kids took to opportunity to become fledging graffiti artists.
I will be posting some photos of the finished project soon, along with things like the hanger bars etc. sorry for the delay I have been travelling.
A pic of the finished project would be nice
A pi of the inished project would be nice

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