My cat recently chewed through a fair amount of my beloved Korean Vibe BS-80HD ear buds.  I had several options, I could:

Buy a new pair for like fifty bucks
Repair them and use some fairly ugly heatshrink smack dab in the middle of the cable
Go all out like in this instructable!

Covering your earbud/headphone cables with material only requires basic soldering skills and patience!

Step 1: Materials/Tools

Earbuds to be covered
72" of round shoestring (if you order 72" shoestrings you will have double the amount, as there are 2 shoestrings)
3.5mm (1/8") gold plated stereo audio jack with built in strain relief (obtained at radioshack)
6mm Cable Pants
6mm Heatshrink (I used black)
A little bit of epoxy
Some solid-core wire (such as 24 gauge or something like that)

tweezers (optional)
lighter (good for melting ends of shoestrings and shrinking heatshrink)

Note: If you are doing this mod to headphones who's cable doesn't split to the left and right ear (such as beats headphones), you do not need the cable pants.
<p>I was going to make these another way, but I like your method better. Thanks for the upload :)</p>
Since you're using this opportunity to upgrade the plug, wouldn't this be a good chance to upgrade the wiring too? Wouldn't a slightly thicker wire still fit into the shoestring and give a slightly better connection, ie. better sound? Also, you can get all kinds of colorful paracords from the craft store. They would work also, instead of the shoestring.
If you get a coloured cable you can add a colourful flair to your headphones. This would be perfect for my green headphones with a black cable
Brilliant idea!

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