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Introduction: Clothes Hanger Harmonica Holder

Do you know that funky thing that Bob Dylan wares around his neck? well it's a harmonica holder, and in this instructable i will explain how to make one out of common house hold items in about 5-10 minutes.

Step 1: What You Need

a wire hanger
a harmonica
a strong rubber band
a pair of pliers
a marker of some sort
and wire cutters if its not built into your pliers

Step 2: Unbending the Clothes Hanger

Using your hands or the pliers unwrap the hook from the top of the hanger and the three main angles on the hanger making a straight wire.

Step 3: Shaping

hold the hanger at both ends where it is spiraled from being twisted together and center the hanger behind your neck. then bend the hanger around the back of your neck to make a U shape. (don't worry about fitting that will be later)

Step 4: Shaping

pinch the hanger about 8 inches from the u shaped bend you just made and do the same on the opposite side. then make a sleight bend about 20 degrees on both sides. this will eventually be a 90 degree turn but do this with the final fitting.

Step 5: Marking the Bends

First cut off the scraggly ends left by the unwinding of the clothes hanger. then take your harmonica and place the top of it against the end of the hanger on the underside of the small angle you bent in the hanger earlier. mark where the harmonica ends but give yourself some space you will be making bends here otherwise the harmonica will not fit! then from that mark do the same on the thin side of the harmonica. the last mark is one more on the wide side again right behind the thin side. repeat on the other side.

Step 6: Making the Bends

Using the pliers; from the first mark make a 90 degree angle, the from the second mark do another 90 degree angle and yes you guessed it on the third mark make a 90 degree angle. now slip your harmonica into the square hole left and if it clicks on the screws you did it right. if it doesn't fit don't worry just re-bend a little bit.

Step 7: Adjust Your Harmonica Holder

First bend the two loops you made a little bit outward because when you place your harmonica in and bring them together they will straighten out. Then make those pinch bends 90 degrees or more. also bend the U into more of an C shape so the holder goes around your neck more. you may have to make the bends farther back on the pinch bends so that you can reach the harmonica. Adjust until it is comfortable. then place the rubber band over the two loops and down the hanger about halfway between the two large angles and the loops for the harmonica.

Step 8: Try It Out

put in your favorite harmonica and give it a spin, it will need more adjusting once you put the harmonica in. I recommend bending more then a 90 degree angle on the two pinch bends and make it a smooth round bend not a straight bend.

Step 9: Extras and Ideas

I felt that the harmonica was not stabilized well when playing so i made a neck cushion for it which helped a whole lot. I used a paper towel and some duct tape but i bet there are way better materials you could use. If anyone makes this and makes a good stabilizer or neck pad i would love to see it.

thanks guys and gals and those in between


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hi my name is paul i have a harmonica and i am having trouble making the holder i have made the end where the harmonica sits but it keeps comming out of them is that where the rubber band comes in to hold that from happing

Try inserting a small piece of folded paper or something to make up for the gap

Hey Paul, the Rubber Band is to help hold the harmonica in place. Because of variance in harmonica shape the ends of your harmonica may not hold as well. My harmonica had small screws on the end that clipped into the holder. Make sure that when the harmonica is in place that the small rectangle bends you made for it are perfectly vertical as well. If none of this works maybe rebrand your slots for the harmonica.


Great instructions ,, It took all of 10 minutes to fabricate and was playing as soon as the rubberband tightened up


Hey awesome instructable, I was wondering how long in Inches the wire should be when its straightened.

Nice instructable! Would Sugru be a possibility for creating the neck pillow? I haven't used Sugru yet, just read about it, and it might be a contender.

I think it would be just fine. Seems a little hard and a slightly more expensive option though. I recently thought that tennis racket tape would be a good alternative.

Nice instructable! Would Sugru be a possibility for creating the neck pillow? I haven't used Sugru yet, just read about it, and it might be a contender.