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Introduction: Clothes Peg Kitchen Hack

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What can a clothes peg do in the kitchen?

It might sound like a joke, but this is what I have done.

Step 1: Items

  1. A few clothes pegs
  2. Double sided tape (or a silicon glue)
  3. String
  4. A scissor

You can easily obtain those items somewhere in your house if you remember where you put it (it's a joke) :)

Step 2: Stick'em

  1. Firstly, I attach the double sided tape on one side of the peg.
  2. Then, I stick it on the inside (or outside) of the cabinet door.
  3. I arrange it neatly, so that I can hang the tissue paper (tie a string through the tissue paper), the cooking glove and the napkin.

Step 3: Hang'em

  1. As a groceries stock reminder, I clip some paper and a marker so that I can jot what items that need to restock.
  2. I also hang a grocery bag to put some folded grocery bags.


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Wow!!! :D
Thanks for making it :)

I did this in my camper & it works great. So easy & yet I never thought of this. Thank you for posting. Cheap & easy fixes. Luv it.

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I'm glad that you make it :D
Thanks for commenting.

I just did yesterday, got the idea from ur post, ty again.

Thanks for commenting.
I hope you give it a try.