Clothespin Bracelet





Introduction: Clothespin Bracelet

In this Instructable, I will be showing you how to make your own bracelet out of ordinary wooden clothespins!


Making this bracelet may lead to a strong and sudden feeling of uniqueness and individuality, sometimes even joy. Please do not stop reading now if you are a conformist. Consider yourself warned!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Items and Tools

1) Clothespins
- You can get 50 of these for $1 at the dollar store.
- The number of clothespins you need depends on the size of your wrist.
- I needed 11 but I have an pretty small wrist

2) Your Hands
- If you don't have these please get a capable individual to make you one.

Step 2: Taking Apart the Clothespin

Once you have the clothespins, you'll notice a springlike metal piece that clamps the two wooden pieces together. This is the part you will be using to make the bracelet. In order to obtain it, you must slide the wooden pieces out from under it and PRESTO!

Step 3: Start Assembly

Slide one of the prongs of a clothespin into the spiral tube of another. Push it as far as it will go and pull the other prong to the other side of the tube. Push the prong as far as it will go. You've just made the first link. Repeat this step as much as needed.

Step 4: Join the Ends Together

After you get it to the desired length, join the two ends together around your wrist by using the same method as in the last step. I am in total awe in the first pic.

Step 5: Customize

You can now customize your bracelet in any way you want to. I have not yet done anything to mine but I am planning on make every other link white and black. I suggest using Sharpies and WhiteOut. Do it my way, unless you want to be unique, but who's unique anymore. Seriously.

Credit to Short One who said you could put beads on each link before you slide them onto one another. Smart, smart. :)

Credit to

Step 6: Completed!!!

You bracelet is finally completed! Feel free to walk around like you're big stuff, flaunting your bracelet. I guarantee somebody will ask you "What is that made out of?" Look at their face when you say clothespins. I was asked that 20 times the first day I wore it. CONGRATULATIONS!!!



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    Cool. Inexpensive. Clear instructions.

    Silly me, though. I thought this would be a how to make a bracelet out of the wooden part of the clothespins. :-)

    Any thoughts about what to do with all the left over wooden parts (besides burning them) to keep them out of the landfills?


    I like. And with slight modifications would make a keen belt.

    Cool idea, I was actually playing with one last night and was wondering if there was something I could do with it. Oh yeah and with the sharpie and white out it won't work that well. The sharpie will rub off onto your wrist and the white out will eventually chip off. There is not much that I can think of off hand that you can do to the kind of steel that I think the springs are made of. It they were stainless steel you could use a torch or even a simple lighter to heat color the metal. But galvanized steel (what I think the springs are made of) that wont work and will release a toxic gas from the zinc coating.

    use nail polish (lil sis's idea).

    spray paint? thats one of my answers to every thing (along with duct tape, WD-40 ) i would almost bet that there is a spray paint that can stick to the springs. you would just have to set them on paper and spray one side of them, flip them when dry and spray the other side, then repeat till the desired number of coats is applied.

    nail polish worked well on my pop tab bracelet if anyone wanted other colors on this bracelet it should work

    You could slide beads on as you link them together too.

    very cool. i made it as soon as i read this. its on my wrist right now. thanks so much