Clothespin Cup





Introduction: Clothespin Cup

Clothespin cup house décor

Weather it’s to hold pencils, put candles on an elegant table, or just put a plant in, the clothespin cup has it all, now let start building.

Things you’ll need

: Sandpaper grit 80

: cup/lid {you can get from house cleaning sprays, it is the lid only}

: rubber bands

: clothespin

: tekbond super glue

Step 1:

1st step

Get your clothespin and remove the spring.

Step 2:

2nd step

Now glue them with super glue to the lid.

Step 3:

3rd step

Sand the bottom of the cups so that it stays leveled with the ground.

You can put rubber band on the groves if you like. It is done, simple like that.

Use it to hold pencils, candles or a plant If

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    Nice idea, will make some for my art class.

    What a great idea!

    This is an awesome idea! I would love to try to make one of these and cast a base for it in concrete!

    thats so kool i gotta make a couple but i want to stain one.thank you for sharing

    very interesting idea! This clothespin cup can have various usages. I really loved this. Thanks for sharing.