Introduction: Clothespin Eiffel Tower

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Simple, easy, and inexpensive clothespin Eiffel Tower.

This project can be used for birthday party decorations, place card holders, and much more.

Step 1: Supplies

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-Any color paint (I used gray and hot pink)



-Hot glue gun

Step 2: Disassemble & Paint

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Remove the metal piece from the clothespin.

Paint the 2 wooden pieces.

I recommend doing at least 2 coats.

Let dry.

Step 3: Glue Together!

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Put hot glue on the top part of the clothespin, as shown in the pictures.

Glue to the other wooden piece.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable!

Please post pictures of the one you made in the comment section below.

I would love to see your projects!


TheOrchidGirl (author)2016-08-23

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